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 APS 8.0


Photogrammetry Software

Automatic photogrammetric processing station

APS is the powerful and widely tested photogrammetry software suite for massive and accurate UAV data processing.

APS meets all skill-level users by several interaction steps up to the full automatic process.
It runs on your desktop computer or laptop and processes small and medium format aerial imagery to 2D maps and 3D models with centimetric accuracy.

APS handles ground-facing images coming from several kind of drone, but they must include GPS data (optionally IMU data too). Images must be acquired in strips, with a standard overlap of 70-80% (lateral and longitudinal).

APS comes with 3 extension modules: StereoCAD (for stereoscopic inspection and 3D CAD plotting), TerrainTools (professional DEM editor and viewer), APSCheck (fast on field flight check).

Menci remote authentication doesn't support web proxies or firewall masks. The PC should be directly reachable/identified from Internet, in order to be authenticated by server.



4 channels images management

DSM generation memory update

"Optical Flow Matching" bundle strategy

"Import from PhotoScan" tool

new DSM generation algorithm

new DSM "Fill Holes" algorithm

True-OrthoPhoto generation

Increased "GPU Descriptors Matching" bundle strategy speed and quality

Increased "CPU Descriptors Matching" bundle strategy speed and quality

Lever Arm support

"GPU Descriptors Matching" and "CPU Descriptors Matching" can use Yaw, Pitch and Roll (or Omega, Phi and Kappa) angles

"GPU & CPU Descriptors Matching" bundle strategy

Main Features

  • Import images from any Drone/UAV (TIF, JPG)

  • Import of images without IMU angles data

  • Camera passport features self-extraction

  • GPS data extraction from EXIF

  • Import of GPS data expressed in different formats

  • Selectable camera mounting

  • Multisensor RGB and NIR projects support

  • Five bundle algorithms with editable parameters

  • Import GCP, collimation and visualization

  • Radiometric color balancing

  • Lever Arm Management

  • DSM automatic generation

  • Contour lines generation

  • Textured Mesh automatic generation / view

  • DTM ground automatic filtering on preset scenario

  • Seamlines generation and editing

  • Tiles setup and import

  • Orthophoto & True Orthophoto generation

  • Orthomosaic generation

  • Orthomosaic correction editor

  • 3D point cloud generation and view

  • All common CAD edit commands

  • Multithread powerful & GPU support

  • Batch start from command line

  • Custom band composition export

  • Multilanguage support

  • Available for Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 64 bit

CASE STUDY: Photogrammetry with UAV’s: Quality Assessment of Open-Source Software for Generation of Ortophotos and Digital Surface Models


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