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CAPTO is a putting analysis system composed of a high accuracy sensor and associated software that can run in all your devices. It is easy to use, highly accurate and very light. CAPTO offers putting analysis in real time indoor and outdoor and in real game condition. The CAPTO Putting sensor can be used by anyone with Android, iOS,Windows and MacOSX, and saves information in a cloud archive strokes database for follow-up analysis.



Technology and real-time analysis come together in the Capto Putting system to provide information that can improve your golf game. With putting aids, coaches can extract relevant parameter measurements and make technique suggestions for their golfers. The Capto Putting golf training aid can be used by any golfer interested in applying physics to take their golfing game to the next level. The Capto Putting system has many benefits and offers accurate technology at an affordable price



The App along with the sensor are the core of the Capto Putting System.

Capto App is compatible with Windows,

MacOSX, Android and iOS

(System Requirements: 2 GB Ram)

You can use one sensor with all your devices (unlimited), and share the data between them with an unique cloud database.

The software interface is the same for all devices.

The data provided by the sensor allows to measures over 40 parameters.

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