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Terrain Tools

Professional DEM editor tool set

TerrainTools is dedicated to analyzing and editing 3D ground models.

With TerrainTools, you can calculate volumes and profiles, subtract DEMs, and extract DTM from surface models.

It includes a toolset for model editing, such as holes, flood fill, and patch interpolation fix. A
CAD environment with all the basic features is also integrated into the workspace.

TerrainTools is ready to import data produced by both APS and third party software.
It supports Windows Seven / 8 operating system.

TerrainTools is part of APS suite, the set of software dedicated to process drone dataset and get cartographic data such as DSM, DTM, 3D point cloud, contour lines and orthomosaics.


StereoCAD is available for trial in a remote version with all features.

Menci remote authentication doesn't support web proxies or firewall masks. The PC should be directly reachable/identified from Internet, in order to be authenticated by server.

Contact us and we will send it to you as soon as possible!

Main Features

  • Import of gtif/tif DEMs

  • Import of Geotiff orthophoto

  • Blended overlapped view of DEMs and orthophoto

  • Smart tool UNDO/REDO

  • Volume evaluation (related to interpolated plane or reference elevation)

  • Profiles analysis

  • Ground extraction by given scenario

  • DEMs subctraction

  • DEM editing (hole, flood fill, gap fixing)

  • 2D distance and area measurements

  • Layers management

  • Basic CAD features: entities, styles, OSnap

  • Results import/export

Case History - Fiume Sauro

Orthophoto Sauro
3D Drawing
Contour Lines Sauro
DSM Sauro
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