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OPK Start Kit

Handle distorted images and setup dataset

OPK StartKit is the Menci module to handle distorted images (with K1, K2, K3, P1, P2 values) into OPK suite. Moreover it includes standard procedures to preprocess your data and make it suitable for next steps.

The simple and intuitive interface allows the user an immediate interaction with the features offered. The workflow pass through edit camera passport, generation of undistort images, camera position and angles evaluation.

StartKit transforms original raw data in order to get final GIS data.
OK StartKit is a part of OPK photogrammetry software suite, including several cartography software.

Main Features

  • High Performance

  • Blocks of thousands of images

  • Modular solution

  • Accurate procedures

  • User friendly (minimal interface)

  • Openness (no proprietary format)

  • Self-contained (no other software requested)

  • Customizable (we can respond and provide solutions to custom requests)

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