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OPK Make Up

Tool for orthomosaic geometrical and colorimetric correction

OPK MakeUp is the unique smart tool specifically developed for orthomosaic geometrical and colorimetric correction.

It minimizes time of orthomosaic checking and specifically there is no limit for image dimension, ease of use and efficiency.

With MakeUp is possible to apply real time corrections using your favourite image editor (like Photoshop, Gimp, etc.) and directly update your orthomosaic.

MakeUp helps to prepare your data to be examinated inside geographic information system (GIS) environments.

Main Features

  • Import geo-referenced Tiff images

  • Multichannel image handling: RGB+IR

  • Automatic images backup

  • Seamline import

  • Orthomosaic-seamline overlap visualization

  • Selectable external image editor

  • Seamline visualization on/off

  • Correction visualization on/off

  • Select the tile size for editing

  • RGB / IR corrected image export

  • Available for Windows Vista, 7 and 8 (32 / 64 bit)

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